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Almost all know how annoying adverts can be when browsing the web. A simple way to solve this problem is to install our extension.



Almost all internet users know how annoying adverts can be when browsing the web. Not only are ads distracting, but they are often designed in such a way that you click on them even when you don't want to. One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is to install an effective ad blocker, such as our "FBlockade" extension. Our extension is designed specifically for the browser, it's easy to install and it runs unobtrusively in the background while you surf the web.

Awesome Features

The benefits you get after installing our "FBlockade" extension:

Easy customize

You can flexibly change the settings related to advertisements.


You can easily remove adverts, trackers and spam from most websites you visit.


Increase the protection of your privacy by using this extension.


The web pages you visit will load faster by blocking ads.


Pricing Plan

To use our browser extension, you do not need to register, you can start using it straight away. If you come across a particular site that is incompatible with the ad blocker and you need to open it, you can quickly add it to the exclusion list in the settings. With our browser extension you minimise the risk of your computer being infected with viruses, which is also incredibly important.

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